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The Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata) is one of the four flycatchers found in Poland (apart from the Spotted Flycatcher, the white-necked flycatcher and the small flycatcher). It lives on the edge of forests, glades, parks, gardens and orchards. Its species name fully reflects its characteristic features. It is gray-brown on the back, lighter - dirty white on the belly, has a lineed forehead, short black legs and a dark beak with a wider base that makes it easier to catch any insects. It is a bird that catches flies - it hunts insects. It lurks on them on a branch or other exposed observation point, then it chases them in the air, sometimes it flies up and then dives down. The observation of a hunting gray flycatcher is an extraordinary experience. This bird is our natural ally in the fight against biting insects in the summer. Let us invite gray flycatchers to our parks, gardens and farms by hanging half-open nesting boxes. Such booths are best placed on the walls of buildings, under the eaves of the roof, so that potential predators (marten, cats) would not have access to them.

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