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Rules for participation in expeditions (Bird & Car)


  1. The main purpose of an trip by car is birdwatching.
  2. During the trip, birds may be photographed, provided that the rules of nature protection, in particular those relating to the protection of birds and their habitats, are respected.
  3. Field trips are organized in groups of maximum 4 people, minimum 2 people.
  4. The organizer may organize an individual expedition, with a smaller number of people, or a custom-made expedition to observe selected bird species.
  5. Field trips are aimed at adults. A child over 10 years of age under the care of parents / legal guardians may participate in the expedition.
  6. The duration of the trip is about 4-5 hours.
  7. The time of the field trip may be extended or shortened depending on weather conditions or for other independent reasons.
  8. The organizer provides participants with free lending of binoculars for the duration of the field trip.
  9. The participant of the expedition moves in the organizer's car or his own car.
  10. The participant of the field trip is obliged to know and obey the road traffic regulations.
  11. Participant of the field trip should wear clothes in subdued (masking) colors and not rustling, according to the current and forecast weather conditions.
  12. During the trip, we follow the following rules:
    a) we follow the instructions of the expedition guide,
    b) during breaks - walks in the field, we move in a compact group,
    c) we do not use phones during the trip, except in emergency situations, e.g. getting lost,
    d) during field trips we do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes)
    e) and most importantly, we keep silence due to the observed birds.
  13. Field trips are organized in the early morning hours and their commencement depends on the sunrise, so you can take a hot drinks and possibly some food.
  14. On the eve of the planned field trip, the organizer informs the participants about:
    a) the exact start time of a given field trip,
    b) the possible cancellation of the trip, in the case of insufficient number of participants,
    c) cancellation of the expedition for reasons beyond the control of the organizer (e.g. unfavorable weather conditions).
  15. It is possible to change the date of the field trip if it was canceled for reasons beyond the control of the organizer or due to the lack of a minimum number of participants
  16. Participants of field trips are required to comply with the regulations and rules of conduct in force in protected areas (e.g. national parks, nature reserves, landscape parks),
  17. Participants of field trips are obliged to take care of the borrowed equipment (binoculars) and return it to the organizer intact after the expedition.
  18. Participants of field trips are responsible for any damages and accidents caused by their fault towards themselves and third parties.
  19. The organizer does not insure the participants of field trips, individual insurance is recommended in this regard.
  20. Each participant of the field trip is obliged to comply with these rules.
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